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Bar Stools - 22

Bar Stools and Bar chairs are specially designed to accommodate seating in front of bar platform. Wooden bar stools give your home a rich look and provides you comfort, Wooden Street offers you stylish collection of bar stools & Bar chairs online that enhances your home decor. It come in various designs and styles to provide you comfort, Or you may also customize your wooden bar stools online in India. Select your range from an amazing collection available at Wooden Street

Buy Bar Stools & Bar Chairs Online Bangalore
Neel Bar Chair (Mahogany Finish)
Rs 8,299Rs 4,999 40% off

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Buy wooden bar stools in Bangalore & bar chairs online in Bangalore
Alyssa Bar Stool (Cyan Blue)
Rs 10,599Rs 5,999 43% off

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Buy bar stools in Mumbai, Bangalore, hyderabad & bar chairs online Bangalore, Pune
Kieron Bar Chair (Teak Finish)
Rs 10,899Rs 6,899 37% off

EMI From Rs 616

Buy bar chairs & bar stools Bangalore
Adcock Bar Stool (Teak Finish)
Rs 7,199Rs 4,899 32% off

EMI From Rs 438

Buy wooden bar stools & bar chairs online at low price
Burgoyne Bar Stool (Black Finish)
Rs 9,599Rs 5,499 43% off

EMI From Rs 491

buy stools online for bar in Mumbai, Hyderabad
Goofy Bar Stool (Honey Finish)
Rs 5,999Rs 3,999 33% off

EMI From Rs 357

Buy Bar Stools online
buy wooden bar stools & bar chairs online at cheap price
Maher Bar Stool (Espresso Walnut Finish)
Rs 9,599Rs 4,899 49% off

EMI From Rs 438

wooden bar stools online India
Mckeigh Bar Stool (Black Finish)
Rs 10,899Rs 7,699 29% off

EMI From Rs 688

wooden bar stools online in India
Pendlebury Bar Stool (White)
Rs 11,999Rs 6,799 43% off

EMI From Rs 607

Cheap bar stools online India
Urby Bar Stool (Black Finish)
Rs 7,199Rs 3,599 50% off

EMI From Rs 321

Wooden bar chairs & bar stools design online in Bangalore India
Onika Bar Chair (Mahogany Finish)
Rs 10,799Rs 6,799 37% off

EMI From Rs 607

Wooden Bar chairs & bar stool in Delhi India
Benton Bar Chair (Honey Finish)
Rs 8,299Rs 5,799 30% off

EMI From Rs 518

Solid Wood Bar Stool
Walter Bar Chair (Teak Finish)
Rs 7,799Rs 5,199 33% off

EMI From Rs 464

Bar chairs online: Wooden Bar chair cum stool in Bangalore India
Adelaide Bar Chair (Mahogany Finish)
Rs 13,699Rs 10,299 25% off

EMI From Rs 920

Small wooden Bar Table With Stools
Darton Bar Table Set (Honey Finish)
Rs 27,199Rs 19,399 29% off

EMI From Rs 1,733

Wooden Bar stools With Cushion online
Vig Bar Chair (Teak Finish)
Rs 8,999Rs 5,499 39% off

EMI From Rs 491

Bar chairs online With Cushion in Mumbai India
Zarra Bar Chair (Teak Finish)
Rs 14,199Rs 9,499 33% off

EMI From Rs 848

Buy Bar chairs & Stool Online in Bangalore, India
Torup Bar Chair (Grey)
Rs 7,399Rs 4,699 36% off

EMI From Rs 420 Ships in 5 Days

Buy Bar Chairs & Stool Online New Delhi, India
Barath Bar Chair (Honey Finish)
Rs 14,399Rs 8,699 40% off

EMI From Rs 777

buy cheap bar stools online in Jaipur, Bangalore, India
Santokie Bar Chair (Teak Finish)
Rs 10,899Rs 6,989 36% off

EMI From Rs 624

Buy bar stools & Bar chairs in Bangalore
Jett Bar Stool
Rs 12,899Rs 7,949 38% off

EMI From Rs 710

Cheapest Stools For Bar Online in Chennai
Gerard Bar Chair (Teak Finish)
Rs 19,199Rs 9,799 49% off

EMI From Rs 875

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Bar Stool & Bar chair - Add character to your bar space with fun seats

Wooden Bar Stools from bestowing a casual seating in the billiards room to the formal elegance around the counter space, a bar stool is perfect for every corner of the house. Befriending the people congregated for the alcoholic fun, the uplifted stool for bar make everyone sit there for hours comfortably owing to the top-notch crafting. When it comes to the visual appeal, these wooden bar stools are no less than the bulky eye-candies. With the beautiful design precision, the wooden bar stools speak for themselves. Giving a blind eye is a huge mistake if you’re on a persistent search of some off-beat seating apparatuses for the home bar.

Wooden Bar Stools add prosperity to your living and dining area

Bar Stool & Bar Chair, a versatile piece, will definitely add an elegant seating space to your bar space with ease. Our bar stools with upholstery are inculcated with beautiful design and comfortable seating space, which are perfect for your home decor. The wooden stool for bar always add a pinch of style in your home. The persistent Darton bar table set is designed to create an impressive ambiance in your home. The set encapsulates a beautiful stool for bar and a table with ample of storage to house your necessary cutlery items. The stylish design always spice up your home decor, Bar stools are the perfect piece of furniture for a replacement of dining and kitchen chairs.

Bar Stool has an amazingly simple and block design, which can easily complement any stool for bar with ease. People, who have an immense love for pure solid wood bar stool, will adore the Bela, Benton, and Walter. The elegance and style of these solid wood bar stools online will provide you enormous comforts for frequent use and parties. Using a sturdy build and beautiful finishes like mahogany and teak, you can provide a stylish ambiance to your home. If you are looking for a simple wooden bar stool design online at economical prices, then browse and provide an inviting look to your home. These stylish range of solid wood bar chairs comes in various finish, shape, size, material

The comfort check with solid wood bar stools

The ideal patterns and designs of a bar stool make it a versatile party host in the home. Not only the counter space and the kitchen area embrace it nicely, but rest of the surroundings can also take their advantage too. Repurposing a bar stool is a layman job. Alluring range of solid wood bar stools India surely enhace the beauty of your home. Listed next are some creative ideas to utilize the bar stool here and there.

  1. In the bedroom near the window: Make a reading nook near the window with a bar stool. The petite piece of furniture can carry a hot cup of tea, the smartphone and the bookmarked literature of yours. Also, it will accent the look of that small section in your bedroom with the vibrant looks.
  2. In the foyer to keep the keys: Go for the wooden bar stools to rest your keys and make it a one-stop destination. Place the bar stool in the foyer and put a bowl to hold the stuff. From phones to letters to chargers to many other itsy-bitsy things, these bar wooden stools can easily manage the things.
  3. In the bathroom: Place the wooden bar stool beside your bathtub or outside the shower room. It would work as an all-purpose toiletries holder. The stuff will be placed at the top of the bar stools; therefore, it won’t let your towels and beauty supplements waterlogged.
  4. In the garden: The backyard of the home is again the sprucing corner where you can move the bar stools to raise the comfort and elegance level. Blend it up with rest of the seating options you have in there.

An easy buying manual for the solid wood bar stools India

Choosing the bar stool online India is a tricky job as these bar wooden stools are available in distinct sizes, shape, material, finish. A thorough consideration of the important factors including height, comfort, style, and the price of the piece should be taken with a keen eye before splurging the pennies. These four general yet prominent attributes will help you to choose the best bar stools online India for your serving corner:

  1. Style: Get something that looks picture perfect. It’s very important to select the bar stools complementing the decors or else they’ll look unpleasant.
  2. Comfort: Check for the backs and arms when making the selection. The comfort factor is very much important as the persons who will sit on these wooden bar stools will stay there for a good amount of time.
  3. Quantity: Know the required number of pieces before ordering the bar woooden stools online. Balancing the furniture with rest of the units is important or else the place will look jam-packed. A ‘no bumping elbow’ distance is required to be maintained between two bar stools so that people can move around easily.
  4. Safety: Do not forget about the safety measures. These bar stools have varying heights, shapes and seating profiles. Look for the bar stool, which is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the person.

Benefits of decorating with bar wooden stools

Wooden Bar stools are the beautiful additional seats in the home where everyone loves to sit. You can harmonize the solid wooden bar stool with rest of the furniture units having different shapes and sizes for the contrasting appeal. Incorporate them into the living for the accommodation of more people. They do enhance the visuals when matched with the monotonous sofa and coffee table. Also, they can be thought outside the dining and the bar area. Place them in the bathroom where you get ready or in the study as an additional seat for someone. A solid wood bar stool can be one of the most convenient furniture for home. Use them where everybody congregates, and you're all set to share the laughter together.

Buy Bar Stools Online India From WoodenStreet!

Avail the opportunity of buying bar stools online in India from Wooden Street and throw formal to casual parties with amazingly crafted wooden stool for bar furniture unit. We provide 1-year warranty, free home delivery and assembling services for every product. Wooden Street have wide range of cheap bar stools, Find your stool for bar online India at effective price. The design and quality give a proof of the absolute craftsmanship and ergonomic appearance. Whether you have a high platform or a low one, prefer a padded seating or the one with swivel, endless options are available for you if you choose to shop your bar stool online. Besides getting a wide variety to choose from, you will get a supreme quality and also an option to get your stool customized, only if you shop from India's first online furniture customization store, Wooden Street. You may also customize your bar wooden stools according to your requirment like material, finish, size. Also, you can explore another home bar furniture units like Wine Racks, Bar Cabinets, and Bar Trolleys, futon bed, leather sofa to complete your mini home bar. Buy bar wooden stools online India from Wooden Street and enhance your living style.

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