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A Bookshelf can be a great addition to your home. Small or big? Open or closed? With glass doors or without? Wooden Bookshelves are online available in huge varieties. Whether you want the matchy-matchy book shelf or want to bring a contrasting character into your home, explore the best collection of solid wood Bookshelves here to find the one that's perfect for you.

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Heimo Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 33,999Rs 18,789 45% off

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Pietro Book Case (Walnut Finish)
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Holo Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 19,999Rs 13,599 32% off

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Wooden bookshelf design online in Bangalore India
Cagney Book Shelves (Honey Finish)
Rs 19,599Rs 10,999 44% off

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Wooden bookshelf online In Bangalore, India
Cambrey Book Shelves (Honey Finish)
Rs 43,499Rs 23,979 45% off

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Bookshelf online
Envoy Bookshelf (Teak Finish)
Rs 25,999Rs 16,499 37% off

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Boho Small Size Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 25,999Rs 16,499 37% off

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Book shelves and bookcase designs online in Bangalore, India
Travis Book Shelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 43,499Rs 25,599 41% off

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wooden bookshelf design & bookcase online in India
Emboss Book Shelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 39,999Rs 24,449 39% off

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Modern Office Furniture Online : Bookcase Online in Bangalore India
Hamlin Corner Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
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Regio Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 58,999Rs 34,999 41% off

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Morse Small Size Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 23,999Rs 16,499 31% off

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Vito Bookshelf (Teak Finish)
Rs 32,499Rs 21,989 32% off

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Adolph Book Shelves (Honey Finish)
Rs 36,999Rs 23,799 36% off

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Carbo Bookshelf with Metal Legs (Teak Finish)
Carbo Bookshelf with Metal Legs (Teak Finish)
Rs 32,999Rs 20,889 37% off

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Book shelf Online
Severino Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 14,199Rs 9,499 33% off

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Wooden Book Shelf Online
Juniper Book Shelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 16,599Rs 9,989 40% off

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Book Shelves , Book case in Bangalore India
Cagney Book Shelves (Walnut Finish)
Rs 19,599Rs 10,999 44% off

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Wooden Bookshelf Design online for living room in India
Osias Bookshelf (Teak Finish)
Rs 32,099Rs 16,999 47% off

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Wooden Book Shelf  Online, Bookcase
Valley Book Shelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 27,999Rs 14,989 46% off

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Bookcase online
Carbo Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 31,999Rs 19,999 38% off

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Bookshelf online in Bangalore
Boho Book Shelf (Teak Finish)
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Fanny Bookshelf (Honey Finish)
Rs 54,399Rs 33,499 38% off

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Fanny Bookshelf (Walnut Finish)
Rs 54,399Rs 33,499 38% off

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Buy Wooden Bookshelf Online in India for your Home

Bookshelf is said to be the most favourite companion of readers, writers, poets and bibliophiles. Our experts have crafted Book shelves, an amazing range of wooden bookshelves to cater the need of every individual with utmost precision. Our range of solid wood book shelf furniture includes designs like closed back, open back, ladder-shaped and corner, the versatility and functionality of book shelf will be an ideal solution to create a hassle-free environment for the books in your home. These wooden book shelves whether placed against the wall or floating middle in the room will create an enticing ambiance. So go ahead and buy bookshelf online in India from Wooden Street.

5 Types of Bookshelf Online - To Arrange Your Collection of Books in Book shelf

Book shelves - A well-furnished living area is incomplete without a wooden bookshelf & Bookcase. The solid wood book shelf is a versatile piece that provides you enough space to store your books in an organized way. You can easily arrange your great collection of books in the Bookshelves provided according to your preferences and likes. When you have all your favorite editions in one place, you can quickly find the one that you want to read. There is a wide variety of wooden bookshelf online available today in the market. You can choose the one bookshelf according to your likes and requirements. Some basic types of bookshelves are listed below:

  1. Wall Mounted Bookshelf:

    Wall mounted sheesham wood bookshelves as the name suggests can be easily mounted on the wall. It doesn't occupy much space and provides enough space to house an array of books. Also, you can keep a flower vase, teapots, and photo frames on this to enhance its beauty.

  2. Floating Book shelves:

    These bookshelves have a single rack that is attached to a wall. It is suitable for magazines or other light weight books. You can keep your comics and graphic novels on it to keep alive the memories of childhood tales.

  3. Barrister Bookshelves:

    It comes in the form of cabinet that consists of several separate shelf units with a clear glass front.

  4. Ladder Book shelf:

    Ladder bookshelves & bookcases are a perfect combination of style and functionality. these book shelves leans against the wall and provides a unique look to your living area. the book shelf is easy to carry and does not occupy much space. Thus, it can be placed anywhere in the home. It only covers vertical space of your room and offers an excellent storage option.

  5. Corner Bookshelf:

    If you have limited space available in your home, you should go with the corner bookshelves. You can cover the unused corner of your living area with a corner book shelf. This type of bookshelves online comes in different sizes to offer you more storage. So these are the basic types of shelves that are widely used by the homeowners. You should consider your available space, requirements, and preferences before choosing one for your home

Wooden Bookshelf - Modern Style Bookshelves, A Style Statement for Modern Household

A Wooden bookshelf is an essential part of your home decor, allowing you to organize your books for a better view and to make them accessible for all. We provide delightful variations in our solid wood bookshelves to cater your every need. A cambrey book-shelf is an absolute example of the ample of storage with elegant dual tone polish. Severino, Deborah, Sean, Hamlin, Valley, Juniper bookshelves and many more are some of our best corner book shelf online, which provides a streamlined storage unit for books. Our experts have created some book shelves designs to provide a decorative accent with storage like Lexia, Jerie, Lacey, Cedric bookshelf, each of which is popular in India and available for online purchase.

To achieve the minimalistic look and striking features, Bookshelf is the true calling. Bookshelves without glass doors furniture unit are perfect in adding the desired elegance in no time. A perfect space-saver beauty, this wooden book shelf creates a comfortable area to organize your books properly. Solid wood bookshelf online at Wooden Street are ideal for compact spaces.

Wooden Bookshelf Crafted from the High-Quality Solid Wood

Solid Wood bookshelves for living room available online and unbeatable touch offer an ultimate look, storage option for your library at home. Every wooden bookshelf furniture unit designed by our experts is crafted from solid Sheesham, Mango or Acacia wood, which provides an intellectual sturdiness to the product. Moreover, mahogany, teak, and walnut finish enhance the natural texture of the wooden bookshelves. The bookshelves design beautifully enhances the look of the products and easily complements it with any interior. You can buy the most suitable book rack available online for your home according to your needs and space. Wooden bookshelves create a beautiful atmosphere in your home and makes you fall in love with reading.

Moreover, the premium quality of solid wood also ensures a long life of the bookshelf. So, one fancy book shelf can last for long even if someone wishes to bring out the book placed 10 years ago. Also, solid wood furniture makes it completely durable to bear so much weight on it. This makes it easy to organize all your reading clutter with an oomph irrespective of how many books and how much weight. Also, check office furniture units such as office tables, office chairs, computer chairs, ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, etc.

Buy Bookshelves Online at Wooden Street

A wooden bookshelf comes in handy for frequent use. Our furniture customization facility makes it very easy for you to get the best or an exact book shelf piece for your home. Just describe your requirements for bookshelves or send the image to our experts, they will design bookshelf & other storage furniture accordingly. Go ahead and buy wooden bookshelves online from Wooden Street and redefine your decor. Hence don't miss this great opportunity to buy wooden bookshelves online and enhance your living style. You can even get the wooden book shelf customized for your home easily. You can browse our best bookshelf design, wall shelf design, solid wood furniture, sheesham wood furniture categories like tv unit, coffee tables, shoe racks, study tables, dining table set, lounge chairs, sofa cum bed, single beds. check out our home decor and room decor section miniatures, planters also visit other furniture location in India Dining Cabinet In Noida, Dining Cabinet In Hyderabad, Dining Cabinet In Pune, shoe rack in Noida, Shoe Rack In Jaipur, Shoe Rack In Hyderabad, Shoe Rack In Pune etc.

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Can I customize my bookshelf with glass modifications on door?

Yes, we can customise the bookshelf doors with glass, however, please discuss the best design possibility with our furniture experts.

Need a rectangle shelf L 24 nich breath 12 inch height 8 inch polish brown honey oak color

We can customise the product as per your need.

Do you have bookshelves that cost 7k – 12k?

Yes, we have bookshelves of every range for our customers. For cost between 7k – 12k, you can check bookcases like – Vasco book rack, Tyrone table cum shelf, Severino bookshelf, Kelis loft bookshelf and many more. You can see more options by applying a filter for the price you want.

How deep should I make my bookshelf?

The depth of the bookshelf should be with the range of 6 to 24 inches. The depth is determined by the size of items to be stored, so 12 inches is adequate for standard books, textbooks and novels. This standard size gives you an option for storing small items on the bottom shelves.

What is the best-covered bookshelf furniture?

Pietro book case is the best-covered bookshelf furniture. This furniture unit has everything which a bookworm craves for. The storage in the form of the shelves, drawers and cabinet makes it the best bookshelf.

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