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However beautiful cups someone gets, but it is always incomplete without coasters that give an excellent base to the tea set. Coasters are small yet too smart to enhance the looks of a coffee table or a dining table. Wooden Street has thus commenced a range of coasters with so various design & shape options and amusing detailing. Browse through the collection of Wooden Street to explore what we have in the range of coasters.
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Coasters: To Quote Fashion on a Subtle Dining Unit

Coasters are among some of the most idealistic ways to enhance the decor of a subtle dining table. Although small, but table coasters have so many design ideas embossed upon it, such that it can never fail with its good looks. Wooden Street has, therefore, commenced a collection of coaster sets with so many attractive forgings. Let’s get to know some of these:

Collection of Coasters with The Stock of Wooden Street

Wooden Street has evolved with some of the most beautiful designs of coaster sets. Each of the designs holds a theme, contrast, and pattern that is unique in one way or the other. Examples of it are mentioned right below:

  • Monochromatic Combination Over Coasters

Designs over coasters give a lot of impact over it. This is even better when it is monochromatic yet colorful. For this nothing can be as good as some hues like blue. Being bright and blooming, it will look very attractive coaster set when placed over the dining set or on the coffee table. Wooden Street has one such set of coasters in its collection called Blue Manadala Ceramic Coasters - Set of 6, which is an example of the same.

  • Coasters with Some Theme

Thematic coasters give a beautiful definition to the furniture unit. Also, it can invite many other decor accessories like table cloth or cups that can blend with the designs of the coasters. These can be made with traditional forging, contemporary designs, or some geometrical patterns upon it. An example of it is Hand Crafted Yellow Ethnic Wooden Coasters - Set of 6 from Wooden Street. Its traditional printing and color combination is fair enough for the theme.

  • Coasters with Designer Engraving Upon It

Wooden coasters with engraved patterns upon it give a tempting appeal to the coaster set. The wooden finish is also contemporary enough to match with the decor of the dining table. However, the decor accessories are, but wooden coasters with engraving can always add to the fanciness. An example of this is Hand Made Wooden Coffee Coasters - Set of 4 from Wooden Street.

  • Coasters with An Artistic Carving on It

Art is always good enough to deck at any place. Whether on the wall or over the dining set, creativity should always be appreciated. Coasters can be a succor to it with its ravishing makings. Just like Hand Painted Peepal Leaf Wooden Coasters - Set of 6 from Wooden Street. A unique silhouette with color pops and patterns gives an exquisite presence.

  • Coasters with Combinations of Materials

Another way to embellish coasters over the dining set can be finding a decorative made with different materials. It can include something other than wood or ceramic coasters. For instance, Wooden Street has Ethnic Bamboo Base Coasters - Set of 4 which is made with a wooden frame and woven bamboo stripes within. Some distinct materials can boost the appeal of the sets. Along with this, Wooden Street has several other coasters set designs with commendable fabrication.

Why Wooden Street?

Premium Quality of Material: Every coaster set online in the collection of Wooden Street is made with premium quality. These coasters are designed with various materials like wood, jute, ceramic, bamboo etc. also in different shape like round, square, leaf shape etc which are capable of being decorating over the dining set. This is among another major reason to buy coasters sets online from Wooden Street ~ online furniture store. Stupendous quality and reasonable prices make it a decorative worth bringing home.

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