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Planters are one of the best option, if you desire a lively look in the decor of a closed room or your apartment. The decoration of the interiors can be taken to an enhanced level with artificial planters. Greenery in a closed concrete room, stuffed with cultural artistry can be given using various planters. These planters contrast well with the interiors of the room. Swipe low to have a glance at the variety of planters online India that Wooden Street has to offer.

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Shop for Planters Online in India at Wooden Street

Giving a lively look to a claustrophobic concrete becomes easy with artificial planters. These beautiful artificial planters, a home decor unit add a green and garden-like look to the interior of the room. We have high-quality plastic-made planters with ceramic pots, that embellish the look of the interiors in phenomenal ways. The endearing designs available here are made to look great with the interiors of the rooms.

Decor Your Home with Best Pots and Planters Online

Artificial Planters for home decor, available here, are made up of high-quality ceramic, which gives a finished and furnished look to the surface of the pots. The pots of these units are coloured in beautiful shades of colours which shine bright because of the ceramic material. We also have glass pots, through which the colourful pebbles peep out, and give a charming aesthetic look to the planters.

With every decor and for the love of nature, there are several artificial planters with numerous design options to choose from. Some of the examples of it are elucidated right below:

  • Hanging Planters: Hanging planters are those with grips that are feasible to be hanged. Whether inside the home or on the balcony railing, some planters can be decked anywhere. Exemplary of such a planter is Butterfly Citrus Pot Planter from Wooden Street. This planter has an indented metal band adjoining the planter. It allows it to be easily hung in and outside the home.
  • Table Planters: Some planters are twee and tiny showcasing units that can be decked in minimal space, say on a table. These are pieces that can flaunt the fauna ravishingly. An example of it is Multicolor Polyester Artificial Japanese Maple Plant with Pot from Wooden Street. A simple black pot with gravels inside and artificial maple leaves makes it an alluring decorative.
  • Tall Planters: For those who want a planter to be placed on the floor and need it tall and flawless, then here is another planter online, which can be an epitome of the same. Green Polyester Areca Artificial Plant from Wooden Street is one such example of it. This has a tall plant appearing from a white pot. It looks exclusive even from a distance.
  • Showpiece Planters: Here comes another planter in the list, which is made exquisitely with a unique design. Just like White Cyclo Planter from Wooden Street. This planter is framed with a cycle shaped pot that makes it a distinct design of planter to be decked.

Wide Range of Pots and Planters Available Online at Wooden Street

The various units of planters available here are made up of standard quality polyester and plastic material. The artificial planters leaves and plants are made up of polyester fabrics, while the stems are made up of plastic. These high-quality polyester and plastic- made planters shine bright and look very life-like that it is almost impossible to discern it from the original ones when seen from a distance.

Garden Planters Online in Different Colours, Designs and Shapes

Plastic planters are available online in a number of different colours, designs and shapes. They are colored in different stylish colours and are also available in different shapes. The entire planter units have to look great with the colourful leaves and stems, grounded in small decorative pebbles, that give a wonderful look to the green planters. There are small Bonsai designs, such as artificial croton green bonsai, that have been designed and detailed in the same way as the real bonsai plants. Then there are designs of crotons, dracaena, bamboo, and rubber plants. These green coloured planters look great with contrasting colours of pot designs.

Shop for Wide Range of Garden Planters and Pots Online at Wooden Street

There are a number of beautiful looking artificial planters designs you can find over here. There are green as well as colourful designs of planters available online at Wooden Street. The different designs of these units are designed for different theme interiors. These variants are available in different plant designs such as in croton designs, bonsai designs, dracaena designs, and rubber plant designs. Sizes, both for Tables and Floor These various designs are designed for both table-keeping designs and floor keeping designs as well.

Both the table - keeping as well as the floor-keeping designs that give a phenomenal look to the interiors of the room. There are small bonsai plants, table keeping medium-sized pots, and tall designs of pots for plants. Wooden Street has a vast collection of planter units that have decorative designs. Also, there are many home decor items for a vast variety of themed interiors, such as miniatures, figurines, artificial plants, wall art, wall hangings, lamps and wall frames. You can also check out our vast variety of furniture units for the interiors of modern times. The customisation is our USP, and we provide durable furniture made up of solid hardwood.

Greenify the Interiors of Your Home with Beautiful Planters Online from Wooden Street

Greenery gives a lively look to the house, whether indoors or outdoors. Also, being around nature and all that is natural, inside or around the ‘concrete-jungle', raises the vibe as nothing else can. 

Everyone loves to have small planters or bonsai plants in and around their house, and give a unique and elevated look. But, maintaining and taking care of one could be the hassle that stops everyone from owning one. 

Planters are the artificial fabric-made counterfeit of original plants, which give the same look as an original plant would. Planted in a small ceramic or glass pot, filled with artificial pebbles, these planters have polyester fabric made leaves and petals, with plastic-made stems. There are numerous bonsai units as well available over the website, along with miniature plants which mimic crotons, rubber plant, and a bamboo plant. 

These planter units can be placed in different places around the house, for giving a lively aesthetics.

In the following points, I have mentioned some of the different places which can be renovated with planters.

  • A Welcoming Vibe at the Doorway: Planters of numerous sort can be decorated just outside the main door of the home. Two planters can be placed on either side of the door. Also, you can place two stools on each side of the door and keep planters over it.
  • Elevate the Look of the Foyers: Foyers also give a first impression to your home interiors along with the door, therefore you can decorate it with planters, giving a chillax vibe to the ambience. The planters can be kept at the console table in the foyers or on the top bunks of the shoe racks. 
  • Let Charm Ensconce Windows: Planters would look good at the window, both inside or outside the windows. You can use furniture such as stools, console table, or chest of drawer, keeping them below the window, and placing planters over it.
  • Prettify Balconies with Planters: Using planters in abundance in the balcony would certainly enhance the look of a modest open area. You can use a pot stand with numerous slots and make your own small nursery of planters, which you would only have to maintain once in a week or month.
  • Green Glare to the Staircase: Planters can be placed at the staircase, both at the top and the bottom of the stairway. Also, you can decorate planters over every step of the stairway.
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