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Four Poster Beds are the luxurious bed with four vertical columns or posts, one in each corner of poster bed which supports the upper rectangular frame. Solid Wood Poster Bed draped in the sheer beautiful fabric gives an incredible sensual effect to the entire bedroom. The poster beds are the much-needed oomph factor and are enough to raise the charm and elegant appeal magnificently.

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Buy Four Poster Bed Online to Dive Deep into the Heavenly Comfort

You might be wondering why the four poster bed should be in your wish-list? Well, it is said that you would feel like a king or queen sleeping on this poster bed, isn’t that enough to fall in love with these amazingly structured wooden poster beds?

Four Poster Beds are ruling the furniture world and are known to hold the highest prestige and royalty. Not only now, but these were also the favorites of the rulers back in time. The wooden poster beds are the real scene stealer that is going to shower your bedroom with love, comfort, luxury and take all the limelight. The benefits of wooden four poster beds are numerous. The looks are enough to get you glued on them, but the extra functionalities like storage drawers and bigger size, keep you cozy.

  1. Royalty at its Best - If you wish to bring that posh, 5-star feel to your abode, then don't waste your time and get this epitome of luxury and comfort, ‘Four poster bed', in your dear dwelling. They carry regal quality draped in the luxurious fabric which all-together adds up to create an impressive, elegant and lavish bedroom.
  2. Size seizes all attention - The significant size of wooden four poster bed whether king or queen make them more noticeable than other standard beds. The grand, beautiful structure makes the person sleep on it and feel like a queen or a king. And, if you are the person that tends to stretch a lot while sleeping, then the king size four poster beds are here to give you ample space to do so.
  3. The astounding design - The designs you find for four poster beds online are never-ending. These are effortlessly beautiful, like the Allure bed without storage at WoodenStreet, the design is unique and traditional which takes the grace to the next level. Every design on WS is different from each other and is intricately made by the best craftsmen.

Wooden Four Poster Bed: An Incredible Treasure of Luxury

We, at Wooden Street, have a large variety of solid wood poster beds online in every size, storage options i.e., king size, queen size, with or without storage.

The sheesham wood four poster bed with storage like Wisker come with four drawers beneath where you can store all the essentials like extra cushions, quilts, bedsheets, etc. It is a boxy contemporary styled bed made to suit every type of interior. This is best for people who like their furniture to serve more than being just a place to sleep. Hence, enjoy the extra space and embrace your home with the poster bed with storage.

The solid wood bed without storage like the Attica 4 Poster Bed online at Wooden Street is a little high from the ground. This allows easy cleaning; you can simply lay down and clean the dirt beneath the bed. Its design will leave you awe-struck, it has a beautiful square pattern carved on the foot of the bed as well as on the headboard.

While the loft poster beds onlinr are little different than the above-explained beds. It is an elevated bed, i.e., it is a raised above the ground more than regular beds. These canopy beds are the best if you are looking for a simplistic design and don’t want to indulge into anything fancy.

Mentioned above are the poster bed design offered by us at Wooden Street. So, take a close look at queen size and king size bed and select the one that works wonderfully with your interior decor. The designs of canopy bed online on WS oscillates between modern and antique as it has elements like a framed canopy, four posts to support and create a balance in style.

Thus, we have got the complete package to grab your attention!!

Premium Quality Canopy Bed Online at Wooden Street

Are you wondering why you should choose the Wooden Street furniture store for your purchase of Poster beds? It’s solely because of the fact that we are among the best wooden furniture online store in India. Buy poster beds online from Wooden Street as we specialize in the wooden material. Sheesham and Mango are the main solid woods used in the making of every furniture. And, the solid wood four poster beds with or without storage are durable and ever-lasting. The built is glued so strongly that it can bear the daily usage and it is sure to last longer than you expect it to be. Not just the quality, it also provides looks. The wood in itself is beautiful but to make the antique four poster bed more attractive, we use different shades or tones of wooden finishes. This enhances the overall look of the solid wood canopy beds.

Solid Wood Poster Beds: Your Furniture Our Responsibility

Every person has a different taste, some might select the traditional four poster beds and some like the modern design from the collection. The dimension of poster beds online provided by us might not fit in your bedroom, for those who want their poster beds to be built according to their desire, we have the best facility to quench your thirst for creativity, which is, customized furniture.

Custom Made 4 Poster Beds: Virtual Thoughts Built in Reality.

With the customization facility, you can bring out the creative side and explore the vastness of this procedure. Select the type of wood, finish and bring home the wooden four poster bed customized to your requirement. You can even tell us, if you want any specific pattern in your headboard or foot of the 4 poster bed, for an instance, if you wish to have bedrails around your bed or you want the diamond pattern on your headboard. We will do everything you want. Simply, provide us with the dimensions of the space available in your bedroom, and we will get the ideal canopy bed online in India that fits perfectly within the designated space.

Why Buy Poster Bed Online On Wooden Street?

We know that buyers want to feel secure and confident before purchasing furniture online, and that is why a reliable store is needed. You can consider Wooden Street, as for a worry-free and smooth shopping experience for your new poster bed.

Lose yourself in the impeccable diversity of regal 4 Poster beds online in India at Wooden Street and get the one that satisfies your requirements and blends well with the room decor of your abode. You can also get amazing mattress, best wooden designs provided by us for wardrobe design, interior design Bangalore to achieve flamboyant home interiors.

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Does the Isabel bed comes along with the canopy, if not, do you guys provide it?

Unfortunately, we do not provide the capony for the Isabel poster bed! And we wouldn't be able to provide this since any other elements visible in pictures apart from furniture are for photography purpose!

Can you make removable posters?

We shall check with our design team of how working removable posters can be made. Please discuss the same with our design team for confirmation.

Can you give some storage in poster beds?

We will have to check the possibility of providing relevant storage in poster beds!Please discuss the same with our design team for better understanding.

Lenard poster bed how can we hang curtains in this model?

We believe the current design of the Lenard poster bed cannot accommodate curtains. The entire poster design would have to be changed which again shall have an additional cost attached to it.

i am searching for a king size poster bed with storage

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Poster Double Bed with upholstered is possible her.

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